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Changing trends of kids wholesale clothing

  • October 21, 2017
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Kids clothing is not an ignorant sector in textile industry. The immense growth in the kids garments gives the sign to focus in bringing the new trends and business factors. While kids wholesale  clothing business pool in crores of money, significant growth is contributed to the entire garment industry.The range of  age for kids clothing  will be from 1 year to 14 years.  Money flow in the economy of  kids clothing industry in India  will come up to an around 14,000 crores among which branded and designer kids clothing covers above  3,000 crores. This textile industry expands at a rate of 10 percent per year, showing the signs of booming business.

Recently, the trend has been changed to purchase the branded dress even for kids. Parents prefer to get a best quality dress materials with affordable price. They are not compromising to dress their kids with new style and trends.For kids, it is advisable to choose  warm and pastel shades. There was a concept especially  in dressing that  pink for girls and blue for boys. But this stereotype concept is broken in the new generation world. Most kids have their own preferences and wishes in dressing also.



The  industry is keen in bringing the very new trends to attract kids. They are always magnetized to comic characters, animated characters or super heroes like Tom and Jerry, Mickey mouse. Tweety, Chota Bheem, Barbie, Batman, Superman  etc. The images imprinted on the kids wear will be definitely a most demanded trend  in markets. On the other side these increased demand can be fulfilled for retail sellers and shops by purchasing from  kids wholesale clothing. Along with this seasonal fashion trends should  be updated foreseeing the events and occasions.

Another arising trend among kids is named as street fashion, including jeans and denim jackets, tweed jackets and coats, sneakers and rough boots are the highlighted trend in 2017. This trend is been influenced by the foreign fashion, giving a tenacious look.


While choosing  materials for  kids wear, cotton, silk and linen are best for summer season, and in winter season,  denim, corduroy, velour and cashmere are used for their best comfort. These type of dress materials will be available as per our requirement of color shades and designs in kids wholesale clothing.There are some factors to be considered while branding the wholesale clothing.

There are normally established big brands for kids wear, where customers constantly asks for the one.  These branded clothes should never be out of stock, since it is constantly asked.It gives you the advantage of comparatively budget friendly than purchasing from retailer. If anyone needs in bulk order, buying form wholesale clothing will be a great money saving.

Competition always remain in this segment and to stand unique in this business, one should offer vibrant colors  and designs with many collection. Not only that, quality and reliability is what customer looking to when they purchase.

In this growing sector, we deal with kids wholesale clothing promising an affordable quality dress materials with wide range of collections. Keep in touch with us to know more about dress related enquires, we are always here for the assistance.


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